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single & Tandem Swing

Have you ever dreamed of swinging off the edge of a cliff face, high above a jungle of cascading rivers and palm trees? Picheaven Bali features three different levels of spectacular swings. Single Swing features a swing with a height around 15 meters from the ground. Couple Swing: a bit higher than the single swing and it can carry two people side by side, it stands around 20 meters from the ground. Extreme single Swing is the highest swing around 80 meters from the ground. An adrenaline ride that blends well with Bali’s scenic beauty.

Photo Spots

12 type photo spots

Spend your day in Bali at this picturesque spot, Picheaven Bali have more than 10 type Amazing photo spots,The Giant birdnest, Volkswagen,heaven road, huge stone, hanging bed, Jungle Bubble, floating Jacuzzi, hideaway house, and triangle house with hammock bed, you can’t find in another place, Strike your best poses and share every beautiful moment you spend on your social media.